One possible route of the virus from the first computer in the network infected to Q is

BIC on November 10, 2018

video please

please explain the game setup

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Ravi on December 22, 2018


Happy to help. The team is working on adding more video explanations. In the meantime, here is a written explanation of how to set up this game:

This is a very unusual game, but don't let that intimidate you. Even though it doesn't fit the traditional types of game boards we're used to mapping, we can take our diagramming skills and make sense of this game so that we can answer the questions with confidence.

Our 6 variables are P, Q, R, S, T, and U

Rule 1 is contained within the stimulus, and it states that each computer received the virus exactly once.

- >📦

Rule 2 states that no computer transmitted the virus to more than two other computers. In other words, a computer with the virus transmitted it to 0, 1, or 2 other computers.

📦, 📦 - ->📦, or 📦 - >📦 and 📦

Rule 3 states that S transmitted the virus to exactly one other computer on the network.

S - >📦

Rule 4 states that the computer that transmitted the virus to R also transmitted it to S. Combining this with rule 3, we have

📦 - ->R

📦 - ->S - ->📦

In drawing this out, this rule has four slots mapped for us: a box going to both R and S, and one box receiving from S

Rule 5 states that either R or T transmitted the virus to Q

T/R - >Q

Rule 6 states that either T or U transmitted the virus to P

T/U - >P

This is a 5-question game, and the first question can be answered by using process of elimination based on the rules we've mapped out.

This is the general setup for this game. I understand that the text explanation may not be as intuitive as seeing it through video, and our team is working on making a video explanation for this game.

Does this game setup make sense? Let us know if you have more question@usernamer

#JW on October 28, 2019

The text and symbols make it really difficult to understand what you're talking about.

rlquerubin on May 2, 2020

Again, echoing the sentiments of whatever symbols are being replaced here make it hard to understand, but is this a Lost Boys, linear game, or circular game? I was trying to set it up as a linear game, but couldn't reason out the logic, so I tried circular and got stumped too.