The author would be most likely to agree wtih which one of the following?

Grace on November 18, 2018

Why is the answer A?

Thank you!

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Jacob on November 18, 2018

As always, let’s take a look at the question stem first. We are looking for the answer the author would most likely agree with.

For answer A, can we find support in the passage? We need to find lines that indicated classicism was attributed to Marsalis, and lines that indicate record companies have embraced a kind of classicism that is more rigid!

For the former, check out lines 27-32. “Critics charge that, by leading jazz into the realm of unbending classicism and by sanctifying a canon of their own choosing, Marsalis and his adherents have codified the music into a stifling orthodoxy. . . ” Wow, that sounds like rigid classicism attributed to Marsalis!

As for the record companies, check out lines 18-23. “Over the past few years Columbia has drastically reduced its roster of active jazz musicians, shifting its emphasis to reissues of old recordings . . . Essentially gave up on developing new artists.”

That sounds like sanctifying a canon of their own choosing! And that is why answer A is correct.