The passage provides information most helpful in answering which one of the following questions?

GLEE on November 18, 2018

How is the answer D?

It only mentions groundwater in the passage right? I felt like better answers would be B or E.

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Jacob-R on November 18, 2018

Answer D is correct because there are lines in the passage which provide exactly the information that the question is asking. Answer D asks: Is dowsing ever utilized to try to locate anything other than water?

Take a look at the very first sentence: Dowsing is the practice of detecting resources or objects beneath the ground by passing. . . ”

Resources or objects — that sounds like things other than water! The very last sentence is also helpful. The dowsers located a “dry fracture zone” which is also something other than water.

B and C are incorrect because we are looking for information in the passage that could possibly answer the question. There is no information in the passage on the success of dowsers when there is a rainstorm, nor is there information of the proportion of successful dowsers who use forked sticks.

I hope that helps!