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Tyler on November 24, 2018

Diagramming Drills

I am having very difficult time learning to diagram the argument. I understand the relationships and all of the rules, but them being hidden in the argument just causes me to lose a ton of time just trying to figure how/what to diagram. Are there any drills other than the 50 questions that can help? The questions dont seem to be doing me any good.

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Jacob on November 24, 2018

Hi @Owens01

I am happy to help. Your question gets to one of the trickiest aspects of learning to master the LSAT: finding the right balance between speed and getting to the solution of any given question. Diagramming quickly can be a useful tool. But, as you correctly point out, it can often be tricky to figure out how and what to diagram.

Unfortunately there is no magic solution. Instead, you have to just get a feel for when diagramming would be useful and when it would be more of a time sink than answering the question requires. Answering practice questions is the key, and if you have questions with regards to diagramming specific questions (whether to diagram, how to diagram, etc.), we can certainly help you on any of those. The video lectures are there to show you the basic principles, but to really get it mastered you just have to dive into the problem sets.

I hope that is somewhat helpful — and remember, you can do it! It just takes practice. Let us know if you have further questions.