A famous artist once claimed that all great art imitates nature. If this claim is correct, then any music that is gre...

letc on December 9, 2018


I got C as my answer but I'm not sure why the answer is B!

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Ravi on December 13, 2018

@letc: had C as his answer but not sure why answer is B

Hi @letc,

This is a tricky question because the conclusion is not actually stated—we have to draw out the conclusion from the premises.

The author provides a claim that all great art (Ga) imitates nature (In)

Ga - >In

The author then states that if this is correct, then any music that is great art would imitate nature. However, the author then says that most great music imitates nothing at all.

From this, the implicit conclusion of this argument is that either the artist's claim is incorrect, or most great music is not great art. This leads us to answer choice (B).

Answer choice (C) does not work because sculpture and painting are not mentioned in the argument. The argument has to deal with music and great art, and (C) does not address the main point of the argument.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.