Rolanda: The house on Oak Avenue has a larger yard than any other house we've looked at in Prairieview, so that's the...

Letitia on December 12, 2018

Prep 65, sec 4, Q11

Can someone please explain? My answer was E. Thanks!

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Ravi on December 12, 2018

@letc Rolanda's rebuttal to Tom's statement attacks the fact that Tom did not take into consideration that the property line rule in Prairieview applies to all properties. Tom's statement says that the house on Oak Avenue is not the best one to rent because of this property rule, but Rolanda points out that doesn't take into consideration that the rule applies to all houses. Thus, this general rule isn't being applied to all relevant instances in this case, which is why (D) is correct.

(E) is incorrect because he is not presuming that whatever is true of a part is true of the whole. There is no part of whole flaw in this argument, as Tom does not make this presumption in his answer.

When you were looking at (D), what made you eliminate it in favor of (D)? Do you see why (D) is correct now, and why (E) is wrong?

Letitia on December 13, 2018

Now that I have re read the answers, D makes sense. I think I had read it too quickly and simply eliminated D. I chose E because I saw Oak Ave as a part to the overall properties thus choosing E initially

Ravi on December 14, 2018

@letc, that's great that you recognize why you made the mistake. Building this awareness now will pay off as you continue studying for the test. Make sure you're always internalizing what the author is saying after each sentence.