Critic: To be a literary classic a book must reveal something significant about the human condition. Furthermore, not...

GLEE on December 15, 2018

Could someone diagram this question?

The second sentence was hard for me to diagram. I ended up getting C as the answer. Thank you.

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Ravi on December 16, 2018


In the stimulus, we have a chain of conditional statements. The first sentence maps to

Literary Classic - >Reveal SHC

The second sentence is a little more difficult to map, as you mentioned. The key to correctly mapping the second sentence is to keep in mind that the word "nothing" introduces the necessary condition and indicates that it will be negated, so the second sentence maps to

Reveal SHC - >Worthy SS

See what we have now? We have conditional statements that follow a A - >B - >C sequence. We're given A - >B and B - >C in the stimulus, so what must be true? A - >C, and that's what we're looking for in the answer choices.

Literary Classic - >Reveal SHC - >Worthy SS

Literary Classic - >Worthy SS (this is what we're looking for in the answers)

(A) is wrong because it has the sufficient and necessary conditions backward

(B) is correct, as it maps exactly what we predicted. Literary Classic - >Worthy SS

(C) maps to Literary Classic - >/Worthy SS. This statement does not have to be true based on the information provided in the stimulus, so we can eliminate it.

(D) maps to /Reveal SHC-some-Worthy SS. While this could be true, it doesn't have to be true. We can eliminate it.

(E) maps to Reveal SHC-some-/Literary Classic. This could be true, but it is not a must be true, so we can get rid of this answer.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions or need additional clarification—we're here to help!

Meredith on October 23, 2019

I diagrammed the second sentence as the contrapositive to how you wrote it because I didn't know nothing introduces necessary conditions (is that true? I don't remember that) so I still ended up with the correct transitive properties. Is this ok I read the sentence as the contrapositive rather than what you had?