Which one of the following could be the schedule of interviews in order from the first day through the fourth?

Shylah on December 19, 2018


I could use some help on the set up of this game, please.

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Ravi on December 19, 2018


Based on the rules, this is going to be a multi-linear game, as there are four witnesses (f, g, h, and i) as well as three investigators (Q, R, and S). Note that I made the witnesses lowercase and the investigators uppercase. This is purely to be able to distinguish the two types of variables at a glance while looking at the board.

We know that all witnesses are interviewed and that each investigator interviews at least one person.

Our blank board should look like this:

_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _
1 2 3 4

The first rule says that g and h have the same investigator.

1) x x
g h

The second rule says that g and i can't be next to each other.

2) /gi (I would put g and i in a box with a switch on top and put a slash through the box; this is a bit hard to diagram through text)

The third rule states that Q and f must be together.

3) Q

The third rule is important because it means that Q cannot go with g and h since Q, R, and S must all be used at least once. Now we know that g and h are with either R or S

The fourth rule says that R must do the third interview

4) R-3

_ _ R _
_ _ _ _

Since Q is with f and we know that g and h are with either R or S, that means that i is with whatever g and h aren't (so i is with S or R, respectively). This allows us to make three game boards from which we can solve the problems. The three game boards we make will start with putting either g, h, or i under R in the third slot.

_ _ R _
_ _ i _

_ _ R _
_ _ g _

_ _ R _
_ _ h _

Let's start filling out the top one first. We know g and i can't go together, so that means g is in the first slot. We also know that g and h will be with S since i is with R. then, h and S and Q and f will switch between the second and fourth slots

g f i h


g h i f

For the second game board, we have know that i must go in the first slot and that g and h will be with R since g is in the third slot. Q with f and R with h will get to switch between the second and fourth slots

i f g h


i h g f

The third game board is pretty open, and it doesn't allow us to make many inferences. That said. We know Q with f can't go in the fourth slot because that would make g and h go next to each other. We also know g is with R since we are putting h with R in the third slot. Lastly, we know that S is with i since Q and R have been used up.

_ _ R _
_ _ h _

keep in mind Q with f can't go in the fourth slot, g is with R, and S is with i

With this breakdown, you should be able to answer the questions with confidence.

Does this help? Let us know if you have more questions!