The author cites the factors of topography, weather, and fuel in the last paragraph primarily as part of

Madelyn on December 19, 2018


please explain why B is not correct

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Ravi on December 20, 2018


Answer choice (B) does not capture the reason the author cites the factors of topography, weather, and fuel. The author brings these factors up to note that of these three, the only factor that can be controlled by land managers is fuel, so that's what they should focus on.

Answer choice (A) captures the author's belief that fuel is what should be the focus of land managers, as it's the only variable they can control. This is what makes (A) correct.

The last paragraph prescribes a solution to the problem of uncontrollable wildfires.

Answer choice (B) is basically saying that the interaction of the three factors will mean that the land managers will always be ineffective in controlling wildfires. This is not what the author believes, as the author discusses controlling fuel and implementing controlled burns as a solution to uncontrollable wildfires.

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