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Baraa-Zeidan on December 20, 2018

Game 2 Question 4

Hi, Can you please explain why question 4 for game 2 is C? How is J able to be in 4 since H is in 2? If H is in 2, doesn't that require that J is in 1?

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Ravi on December 20, 2018

Hi @Baraa-Zeidan,

Happy to help!

Both J and M can be in 4. Rule number 3 states that if J is in 1, H is in 2.

The stimulus says that H is in 2, so the necessary condition of the rule is satisfied. What happens when the necessary condition is satisfied? The rule goes away, so J is free to go in spots other than the first spot.

It sounds like you may have confused the meaning of this rule. The only two things we can conclude from rule 3 (if J is in 1, then H is in 2) are what the rule states and what the contrapositive of the rule is (if H is not in 2, then J is not in 1).

Since we know H is in 2, then it doesn't matter whether or not J is in 1, as the necessary condition of the rule has been satisfied.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Baraa-Zeidan on December 23, 2018

@ravi Thank you! Very helpful.

Ravi on December 24, 2018

@Baraa-Zeidan, you're welcome! Happy to see it was helpful.