If Q is more popular than L, then each of the following must be true of the ranking EXCEPT:

SavannahM on December 21, 2018

Understanding questions

When I follow along in the video, answering the questions seem very easy, yet when I am trying to accomplish homework questions I find it very difficult to remember the practiced version of how to approach the questions and often find I am making very simple mistakes when the answer is clearly in front of me. I go back after seeing the answer and realize that the correct answer was what I had written down. Any tips to better approach logic games solving?

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Ravi on December 21, 2018


Gaining comfort in setting up the various types of logic games takes time and lots and lots of practice. When doing the practice logic games in the video, it might help to drill the game you're looking at multiple times in a row after watching the steps on how to set it up.

Practicing games multiple times will allow you to create an intuitive feel for the natural setup of the game, and this will eventually translate into your being able to complete the games more easily. It sounds like you're on the right track, and you just need to practice the different types of games more to make everything more seamless for you.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

SavannahM on December 23, 2018

Yes, that make sense. I only went through the sequencing games once and did the homework which is where I noticed having difficulty remembering the proper steps as well as not paying attention to what the question asked.

Ravi on December 24, 2018


Going through them once is a great start. Going through them multiple times will pay dividends with your ability to set up games more fluidly and discover inferences quickly. Keep up the good work!