Which one of the following pairs of witnesses CANNOT testify third and fourth, respectively?

Ceci on December 24, 2018


I see how A is correct, but what is the sequence for B being wrong? It doesn't work either.

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Ceci on December 24, 2018

Never mind, i was overlooking the T. It's be U W R S T M

Ravi on December 24, 2018


It sounds like you've got a handle on this question, but in case you'd like a little more clarity, here's some more about this problem:

When you felt like both A and B could work here, I'm guessing that with answer B, you were only looking at the scenario of R in 3 and S in 4 through one game board. You're right, if we put SU next to each other (from rule 1), then this game board cannot work since both R and W have to come after U, but there is only one spot after U.

However, the other game board we can make is the one you mentioned. We put ST together, satisfying rule 1, and then we put M after T, satisfying rule 3. Then, all we have to do is put U in 1 and W in 2, and we've satisfied all rules, so R in 3 and S in 4 can work.

Let us know if you have any other questions on this game!