What is the minimum number of different salaries earned by the nine partners of the firm?

philpetrina13 on January 3, 2019

Timing of these sections

Hi, I have found that I almost always run over the 8:45 time limit on each of these questions as a result of taking too long to set up the game. What do I need to do to ensure that I am completing these sections on time?

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Ravi on January 3, 2019


While you do have an average of 8:45 per logic game on the logic games
test, there are often two or three easier games and one or two more
difficult ones, so you may find that some games you finish in under
five minutes, while with others you may finish in nine or ten minutes.
However, if you're always finishing above the 8:45 average time for
each game, here's my recommendation:

1) If you haven't already done so, review the logic games videos in
our curriculum so that you can begin familiarizing yourself with the
various game types.

2) Practice, practice, and practice. Do the same game over several
times so that you develop an intuitive feel for setting up the game
board and making inferences. Your current pace on logic games is
likely being affected by hesitation on your initial game set up as
well as a failure to see many of the inferences that allow you to
identify the correct answer choice.

3) When possible, create multiple hypotheticals/game boards up front.
It almost always pays off to do as much work as possible in logic
games before going to the questions because in doing so, you'll likely
have the answers to several of the questions already. This can result
in saving lots of time in finishing the game.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!

Michaelchueroa on February 3, 2019

I am still a little confuse about this question.

Ravi on February 6, 2019


Happy to help. Let's start with setting up this game before looking at
the question.

We're told that a law firm has nine partners: F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, and N

Rule 1 says Kohn's salary is greater than both Inman's and Lopez's.

1) K - I
K - L

Rule 2 says Lopez’s salary is greater than Nassar’s.

2) L - N

Rule 3 says Inman’s salary is greater than Fox’s.

3) I - F

Rule 4 says Fox’s salary is greater than Malloy’s.

4) F - M

Rule 5 says Malloy's salary is greater than Glassen's.

5) M - G

Rule 6 says Glassen's salary is greater than Jacoby's.

6) G - J

Rule 7 says Jacoby's salary is greater than Hae's.

7) J - H

Now that we've mapped out the rules, let's see what we can combine. As
it turns out, all of these rules can be merged together into one long

Rules 1 and 2 can be combined together

K - I
K - L - N

Rules 3 and 4 can be combined together and also combined with rules 1 and 2

I - F - M

K - I - F - M
K - L - N

Rules 5 and 6 can be merged together and combined with the large chain
we've already built

M - G - J

K - I - F - M - G - J
K - L - N

Rule 7 can be combined with the large chain as well

J - H

K - I - F - M - G - J - H
K - L - N

Now we have a giant chain that should help us answer all of the
questions in this game.

You asked about question 5. The question states, "What is the minimum
number of different salaries earned by the nine partners of the firm?"

We know from our large chain that K - I - F - M - G - J - H, so all 7 of
these pieces have relationships with one another and cannot occupy the
same spot.

We also know that K - L - N. So, we know that these three have a
relationship, too. However, L and N do not have relationships with
I - F - M - G - J - H, so technically L and N could be paired up with one
of these game pieces, so long as L comes before N and the
I - F - M - G - J - H order remains in-tact. As a result, we know that
there are will be a minimum of 7 different salaries earned by the 9
partners because K - I - F - M - G - J - H means that there will be at
least 7 spots, regardless of whether L and N are each paired with
another partner or whether they go in their own slots.

Since we know there must be at least 7 slots, (C) is our answer choice.

Does this help? Let us know if you have any more questions!

Michaelchueroa on February 13, 2019

Thank You!

Ravi on February 13, 2019

@Michaelchueroa, you're welcome!