Where each of the trees is planted is completely determined if which one of the following trees is planted on lot 2?

Ceci on January 8, 2019


im still confused as to why maple couldnt completely determine?

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MichelleRod on January 13, 2019

Thanks for your question @Ceci

Let's work through what we can and cannot know if M is placed in lot 2.

We know from the rules that M and W cannot be in the same plot, so we know that W cannot be in lot 2.

We also know from the rules that either M or O BUT NOT both will be placed in lot 2. So we can say for sure that since M is in lot 2, O is not in lot 2.

Because O is not in lot 2, H is also not in lot 2 because H and O must appear together.

O and H can also not be in lot 1 because we known they must appear with a third tree. But in order to satisfy the last rule, lot 1 cannot have more than 2 trees.

Since O and H cannot be in lots 1 or 2, we know they must be in lot 3 with one other tree.

So here is a summary of what we do know:

Lot 1: L OR W
Lot 2: M
Lot 3: O, H, and one more tree

As you can see, L, W S and P remain unaccounted for.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions