Which one of the following can most accurately be used to describe the author's attitude toward critics of the Hippoc...

Jessica on January 8, 2019

Why is it not B?

Based on the tone, I thought the author was very dismissive of the critics, not in reasoned disagreement.

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Jessica on January 10, 2019

??? Why is it not b?

Jeremy on March 20, 2019

I also chose B on the basis of the somewhat flippant, wide-ranging dismissal by the author of the many criticisms outlined in Paragraph 1. However, going off of the answer in the other thread, I do see why C is the correct answer. Take for example this excerpt from lines 41-47: "[...] morally based arguments concerning contemporary values and newly relevant issues cannot negate the patients' need for assurance that physicians will pursue appropriate goals in treatment in accordance with generally acceptable standards of professionalism." That argumentation strikes me as neither bemused nor dismissive. I do think it would be better characterized as "reasoned disagreement," answer choice C.