Which one of the following is an acceptable schedule of appointments, listed in order from earliest to latest?

SROTD702 on January 9, 2019


I noticed while I was trying to do this game there is hardly any room to diagram the information. If we encounter this on test day what is the best strategy for fitting it all on the space provided? This isn't my first time I've encountered a game like this where there is hardly any room. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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shunhe on January 9, 2020

Hi @SROTD702,

Thanks for the question! Managing to fit everything in the space provided is definitely a challenge, but if you're taking the digital LSAT, you'll be provided with separate scratch paper. This comes with its own headaches since it's a bit less efficient, but you should have more space (you get 14-16 front and back pages). It never hurts to practice writing smaller though! Hope this helps.