The author of the passage uses the phrase "the flux within Hawaiian society" (line 33) primarily in order to

on January 14 at 09:09PM

Answer choice (d)

Would (d) be the correct answer because line 9 says "multicultural life in Hawaii"?

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Ravi on January 15 at 01:15AM


Great question. Line 10 tells us about multicultural life in Hawaii,
so this provides some context for what "flux" means in line 33. The
discussion of immigrants in Lum's poem described in the second
paragraph also clues us in on "flux."

Additionally, if we look at the sentence in which "flux" is used, we
see that the author discusses the traditional culture of Hawaii as
well as its heterogeneous one. All of these components of the text
allow us to conclude that "the flux within Hawaiian society" is
referring to the change of culture and diverse nature of Hawaii's
population. This is exactly what answer choice D picks up on, which is
why it's the correct answer.

Does that make sense? Let me know what you think!