Which one of the following best defines the word "political" as it is used in the second paragraph of the passage?

Boram on January 14, 2019

Answer choice (d)

Can you please explain why (d) is the correct answer? I don't understand how the author's discussion of the political terms in the second paragraph is related to the maintenance of the institution's effectiveness. Thank you!

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Ravi on January 15, 2019


Happy to help! We're looking for the meaning of the word 'political'
within the context of the second paragraph. In the second paragraph,
the author is explaining why history hasn't been a part of the
academic study of jurisprudence. In lines 30 through 32, the author
states, "In political terms, believing in the logic of law is a
necessary part of believing in its fairness."

In other words, history has been omitted from the study jurisprudence
and common law because if it were included, then the logic and
fairness of the law would be more likely to be called into question by
people. If the logic and fairness of the law were to be called into
question, then the legal institution would become less trusted, and
thereby less effective.

This is exactly what answer choice D picks up on, as it says, "having
to do with the maintenance of an institution's effectiveness." The
institution D is referring to is the legal institution

Answer A is incorrect because the term is not being used to describe
professional advancement tactics that people use.

Answer B is incorrect because there is no mention about government
achieving goals through covert ways. This is irrelevant.

Answer C is the most tempting wrong answer choice, but it's incorrect
because it is descriptively inaccurate. The word 'political' in the
second paragraph does not have to do with the maintenance of ethical
standards between professions and the citizenry. This is not the
subject matter of the second paragraph.

Answer E is incorrect because there is no mention of radical theorists
in the second paragraph. This answer can easily be eliminated.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!