The last paragraph most strongly supports which one of the following statements?

Ceci on January 15, 2019


Hello, I was stuck between E and B. I ended up choosing E because the last paragraph talks about switching up ingredients to make it cheaper. Is E wrong because it does not talk about the profits of least expensive perfumes? Thanks in advance

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MichelleRod on February 2, 2019

Thanks for your question @ceci

In the final paragraph, the author is describing how cosmetic companies are making their perfumes cheaper to manufacture. That does not necessarily mean that they are selling them for less expensive. In deed, the fact that "they presume their customers won't notice the difference" might lead us to believe that they are keeping the retail prices the same while making the same perfumes for cheaper, thus increasing their profit margins. In any case, we cannot draw any conclusions about what retail "price range" is most profitable to perfume manufacturers.

Hope this helps!