Which one of the following is most analogous to what the author calls the "cynical bean counters" (line 47)?

Ceci on January 15, 2019


Hello, why is A not correct? I chose it over B because it mentions how catering to popular taste (changing the 'bean' to make it cheaper). I also thought E couldve been the answer but not B. Help pls

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MichelleRod on February 2, 2019

Thanks for your question @Ceci

The "cynical bean counters" to whom we want to analogize are cutting production costs in favor of profit. The materials they choose are simply less expensive.

Answer choice A is incorrect because there is no indication that the curator, in choosing popular pieces , is cutting costs.

Answer choice E is not analogous because reallocating funds from once project to another is not the same as cutting costs. The overall costs remain the same.

Answer choice B is analogous because the studio is cutting the production costs.