According to the passage, which one of the following is a true statement about the purpose of the women's political c...

Boram on January 16, 2019


Can you please explain why (b) not (c) is the correct answer? Doesn't the passage state that the political clubs advocated for military participation for women?

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Jacob-R on February 11, 2019

Hi @Boram,

In order to understand why answer B, and not C, is correct, let’s first take a look at the question stem. We are looking for an answer that, according to the passage, is a true statement about the purpose of the women’s political clubs mentioned in line 20.

This stem is great, as it directs us to a point in the passage to start searching. We learn that the women’s political clubs are “vocal middle-class” clubs, and that they mark the second phase in women’s participation in revolutionary events in France between 1789 and 1795. We also learn that these clubs were formed in 1791 as adjuncts of male political clubs, and were originally philanthropic in function. But in 1972 independent clubs of women began to advocate military participation for women.

Answer C is incorrect because the political clubs were not “founded” to advocate military participation — instead, they were “founded” as adjuncts of male political clubs and were philanthropic in function, and then SHIFTED to become independent and to advocate for military participation for women.

And that is exactly what answer B states, albeit in a more abstracted form: that these clubs “eventually developed a purpose different from their original purpose.”

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.