Which one of the following is given by the passage as a reason for the difficulty a lawyer would have in determining ...

Shiyi on January 16, 2019

Why is Example 3 Choice D incorrect?

If the southern half of a certain region of the earth was covered entirely by water during the Cretaceous period, that means dinosaurs could not live in the southern half of the region during that period. That means they could only live in the northern half of the region. Why could choice D be true?

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Shiyi on January 19, 2019

Could someone please explain to me why could choice D be true? Thanks!

Ravi on January 19, 2019


Great question. D could be true because the stimulus is just talking
about a certain region of the earth; it's not talking about all of the

It sounds like you misread the stimulus to mean that the southern
region of the entire earth. If that were what the stimulus said, then
yes, D could not be true.

However, D is saying that the dinosaurs did not inhabit the north half
of the REGION during the Cretaceous period. For all we know, the
"certain region" discussed in the stimulus is only a small fraction of
the entire earth. Because we don't know exactly how large the certain
region in question is, D could be true. The dinosaurs simply could
have inhabited an entirely different region that the certain region in

We know that E must be false because we know that for the last 75
million years of the Mesozoic era, the entire southern half of this
certain region was covered in water, and we know that dinosaurs lived
only on land. This allows us to conclude that E must be false, and
it's the correct answer.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!