Which one of the following could be an accurate list of the paintings displayed in the lower position on walls 1 thro...

kadipin25 on January 20, 2019

help with this game setup

Hi can you help with this set up?

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Ravi on January 20, 2019


Happy to help!

It's important to draw inferences from the rules made in this
game—this is what turns this into a manageable game that can be done
in a reasonable amount of time.

Based on the initial setup, we know that the 4 students (F, G, H, and
I) each have an oil and a watercolor painting on display, so there are
8 pieces in total.

Fo Fw Go Gw Ho Hw Io Iw

We also know that there are 4 walls (1, 2, 3, and 4) that display
paintings and each wall has exactly two paintings on display.

_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _
1 2 3 4

Rule 1 says that no wall has only watercolors displayed on it. This is
a really important rule. Since we know that there are 4 watercolor and
4 oil paintings and no wall can have 2 Ws, this means that we can't
have 2 Os either because 2 Os would force there to be at least one
wall with 2 Ws. Therefore, we know that each wall must have exactly
one O and one W painting.


Rule 2 says that no wall has the work of only one student displayed on
it. This means we can't have, say, both works of F on the same wall.

no Fw

Rule 3 says that no wall has both a painting by Franz and a painting
by Isaacs displayed on it

no Fw


no Fo

This means that when we see an F or and I, there must also be a G or
an H in the other slot on that wall. We can make this inference by
combining Rule 3 with Rule 2.

Rule 4 says that Greene's watercolor is displayed in the upper
position of the wall on which Franz's oil is displayed


Lastly, Rule 5 says that Isaac's oil is displayed in the lower
position of wall 4

_ _ _ _
_ _ _ Io
1 2 3 4

What other inferences can we make? We know that I must go with G or H
and that each wall must have a w and an o. However, since Gw is
already taken, that means that the only option for Io to pair with is
Hw, so we also know that Hw must go in the upper position on wall 4.

_ _ _ Hw
_ _ _ Io
1 2 3 4

Now we're ready to answer the questions. Does this setup make sense?
Let us know if you also have any specific questions on any of the
problems in this game, and we'll be happy to cover them with you!

kadipin25 on January 25, 2019

Thanks you

Ravi on January 26, 2019

@kadipin25, you're welcome!