Which one of the following activities CANNOT be third?

Jessica on January 23, 2019

Why are there no videos for this game?

I'd like to see how it is set up.

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Jacob on January 28, 2019

Hi Jessica-Killeen,

I can ask for a video for this game. But for right now, let me describe the basic set-up.

We know there are 6 activities: G H J K L M. And we know that it is a sequence, where each activity will get performed only once, one at a time. So let’s set up our board:

_ _ _ _ _ _

We know that G has to be immediately after H. So our rule will be:


Next, K has to be earlier then G. We have an inference here, which means that K has to be also earlier than H given rule 1.

So now our rule is:

K — [HG]

Next, M before L.

M — L

And finally, M has to be either immediately before or immediately after J.

So it ends up being:

[JM] — L OR [MJ] — L

That is the whole set up. Notice how limited our options for game boards are given these rules. Where can the HG block possibly go?

We know it cannot go in slots 1 2, because then K cannot go before it. It can go in slots 2 3, because then K goes in slot 1, and the second rule will go in slots 4 5 6.

But HG cannot go in slots 3 4, because we know K has to come before it, and then there is only one slot for the J/M block. Won’t work.

So right off the bat, we have some inferences about slot options. And now you should be able to easily tackle the game.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you still want a video, and if you have trouble with any particular problem in the set.

Jessica on January 31, 2019

Thank you!

Ravi on January 31, 2019

@Jessica-Killeen, happy it helped!