At Tromen University this semester, some students taking French Literature 205 are also taking Biology 218. Every stu...

alymathieu on January 23, 2019

Can someone go through this please

Thank you

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Jacob-R on January 24, 2019

Hi @alymathieu

I’m happy to help. We are looking for an answer which, if assumed, will allow the conclusion in the passage to be properly drawn. So let us take a look at what the passage is saying.

We learn that at Tromen, some students taking French lit 205 are also taking Biology 218, and that every student taking Biology 218 is a biology major. And then we get a conclusion: some of the students taking French lit are not French literature majors.

Let’s pause. Why does that conclusion naturally follow? Couldn’t it be the case that biology majors (who are taking Bio 218) are also French lit majors? Does Tromen not allow double majors?

And that is exactly what answer E tells us: it is not possible to major in both bio and French lit. And so with that added premise assumed true, the conclusion follows logically.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.