If Center 1 is the only recycling center that recycles wood, then which one of the following could be a complete and ...

lorzling on January 30, 2019

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How do I check my answers before moving on?

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Ravi on January 31, 2019


Great question.

1)When you're taking a test, to review the questions you've answered,
click on the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

2) Once you've clicked on it, a list of all of the questions will show
up from the section you're on.

3) Select the question you'd like to review, and the app will take you
to that question to show you what you answered.

4) Continue viewing any other questions you would like to look over.

Does this answer your question? Let us know if you have any other questions!

Baylor on November 6, 2019

Why can't newsprint be in center 3 to make three recycled materials instead of two?

Skylar on August 3, 2020

@Baylor, you appear to have posted this question twice. Another instructor, Irina, answered this on your other post. I have copied her response below for your convenience:

"The question asks us if Center 1 is the only recycling center than recycles wood, which of the following could be a complete list of materials that one of the recycling centers recycles?

We can infer that:

Center 1 must recycle wood newsprint glass
Center 2 must recycle newspaper glass
Center 3 must recycle plastic tin

Center 3 could also recycle newsprint thus either:

plastic tin
plastic tin newsprint

are both possible scenarios, so either one could be the correct answer choice for a "could be true" question."