Which one of the following most accurately states the main point of passage B?

Shiyi on February 23, 2019

Why is A correct?

Why is A correct? Why is C incorrect?

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Ravi on February 25, 2019


Happy to help.

The question says, "Which one of the following most accurately states
the main point of passage B?"

Ideally, immediately after reading passage B we will have anticipated
its main point, as we know that main point questions are asked on
virtually every RC passage. The conclusion of passage B is revealed at
the end of its first paragraph in lines 45-47 where it says, "Such a
model of criticism, which takes as its object "narrative" rather than
the "novel," seems appropriate to Cather's work." This is the author's
main point: the author is basically saying that criticisms of Cather
as a novelist are flawed because her works should be viewed through
the lens of narratology and considered narratives.

(A) says, "Cather’s fiction is best approached by focusing purely on
narrative, rather than on the formal characteristics of the novel."

(A) does a great job of summarizing the author's conclusion that we've
identified above, as it says that Cather's fiction is best approached
by focusing on narrative instead of the formal traits of the novel.
This paraphrases the authors' main point really well, so it's the
correct answer choice.

(C) says, "Cather intentionally avoided the realistic psychological
characterization that is the central feature of the modern Western

The problem with (C) is that although passage B mentions that direct
psychological characterization is one feature of a realistic Western
novel (line 43), we still do not know that this particular kind of
psychological characteristic is the central feature of the Western
novel. There are many other features discussed in passage B in lines
43-44, and one of these could be the central feature. We don't have
enough information. Additionally, the whole point of passage B was not
to describe how Cather intentionally avoided one particular feature of
the Western novel; rather, the main point was to show that Cather
avoided many of the features of novels and that her works are much
better analyzed through the lens of being narratives and not novels.
As a result, we can get rid of this answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!