The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

Faith-Kungu on March 5, 2019

example 4

Just curious; on the 3rd sentence, why didn't we consider "or agorae" or is it irrelevant? On the fourth sentence, isn't that an either or statement?

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Ravi on March 12, 2019


Great question. Regarding the third sentence, "agorae" is just another
word for marketplace, so we do consider it. We're just calling it
"marketplace" instead of "agorae."

The fourth sentence could be diagrammed as an either/or statement.
There are actually two conditional statements in the fourth sentence.

Greek city marketplace - >centrally located

Greek city marketplace - >goods traded for money or goods traded for commodities

However, the fourth sentence gives us no information that can be
combined with the other information in the stimulus to push out an
inference, so it's ultimately not useful for us.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!