The passages have which one of the following aims in common?

Steph on March 10, 2019

Please explain

Can you please explain this answer?

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Ravi on March 13, 2019


Happy to help.

We're looking for the answer choice that explains what the passages
have in common. If you find yourself often struggling with this
question type on RC passages with two mini passages, one strategy you
could try is reading Passage A first and looking at the questions
before moving to Passage B. This will allow you to eliminate answer
choices if they conflict with the information in Passage A and can
help you keep the content of each passage separate.

If you were to employ this strategy on this particular question, you
would find that the only answer choice that has anything to do with
Passage A is (C). The only one that might give you pause as far as not
knowing if Passage A talked about it is (D). However, upon closer
reading, (D) is wrong because it's saying that both passages were
airing a scientific controversy over the function of the honeybee's
dance. However, there is no controversy over the function of the
dance—both passages describe how the function of the dance is for
honeybees to communicate where food is.

Thus, we know that (C) is the only thing that Passage A talks about in
the answer choices. Now we can read Passage B, and all we have to do
is confirm that Passage B talks about scientific studies concerned
with animal communication. Sure enough, Passage B does aim to describe
certain scientific studies concerned with animal communication, as
various studies are discussed throughout the passage. Therefore, (C)
is the correct answer.

Does this strategy make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!

Steph on March 14, 2019

Yes thank you!