Analyst: Any new natural-gas-powered electrical generation station needs to be located close to a natural-gas pipelin...

Gianna on March 10 at 11:38PM

What about the Residents?

From the argument, the new stations need: 1. close to pipeline 2. large body of water 3. transmission lines 4. no residents oppose. The country has: 1. Pipelines next to water 2. Large bodies of water 3. Transmission lines 4. Angry residents So why is the answer correct answer about the pipelines and not the residents?

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Michelle on March 13 at 05:44PM

Thanks for your question @Gianna-Rossi

It is true that the missing piece is the residents. But these variables are connected. Let's break down what we know

- The transmission lines are everywhere, so they do not restrict us

-We know that residents oppose construction "near THESE bodies of water"

-Bodies of water are stationary, so there is nothing we can do about where they are located.

- The natural gas pipelines as they are run near "ONLY three of our large bodies of water." These three bodies of water also happened to be dealbreakers for the residents.

So if we expand the pipelines to run near other bodies of water, we may find a body of water near which residents would not oppose construction.