If Personnel is presented at 2:00 in the west theater, which one of the following must be true?

Betsy on March 16, 2019

Game setup

Can anyone help with the setup for this game please?

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Jacob on March 17, 2019

Hi Betsy-Caywood,

I’m happy to help with the setup for this game.

We’re told the films: GMOPSU.
We know there are two theaters: east and west.
And we know on a single afternoon, there will be a presentation in each theater at 1 2 and 3.
Finally, we know that each film will be presented exactly once.

So how would we set that up? Maybe

East _ _ _
West _ _ _
With each of those slots being 1 2 3.

Now the rules: S is west. We don’t know what slot, but let’s put it next to the setup:

East _ _ _
West _ _ _ S

Same for rule number 2: U is east.

East _ _ _ U
West _ _ _ S

Rule 3: M must be before O and P.
Given that M has to come before two other films, we know that M has to either be in slot 1 in either theater (then O and P could be in any of 2 or 3 slots) or M could be in slot 2, and then O and P have to be in slot 3 east and west, or west and east.

Rule 4: U must be before G. We already know U is in East. We now know it can’t be in slot 3, so it is either in slot 1 or 2 of east.

That’s about it for the setup! I would dive in to the questions at this point. Did you have trouble with any in particular?

Betsy on March 17, 2019

No - I got all the questions right. It just felt like it took me too much time on the set-up. What are these games called so I can study more? Thanks much for your help. I'm down to 12 days...

Amayrani on November 19 at 03:51AM

I'm confused on why O would be in slot 3 instead of S? Since according to the rules S is in the West theatre.

Amayrani on November 19 at 04:14AM

Never mind, I got it!

Ravi on February 6 at 01:25PM

Happy you got it figured out!