Which one of the following questions can be most clearly and directly answered by reference to information in the pas...

Liam on March 21, 2019

Why not D?

Hi, I understand why E is correct, but I was wondering why D is incorrect as the passage clearly indicates that an objection raised against the implementation of statute law classes is that the statues can be geographically specific/exclusive. Is it because it says "regionally oriented law schools" in the answer choice as opposed to "law schools with a national orientation"?

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Jacob-R on March 22, 2019

Hi @Liam,

You’re exactly right. The one objection we get (lines 40-50) is not an objection against including the study of statutes in regionally oriented law schools — if anything, it tells us why studying statutes makes even more sense in regionally oriented law schools. The objection, therefore, is only applicable to law schools that are nationally oriented.

Liam on March 22, 2019

Thanks for the clarification!