Heart attacks are most likely to occur on Mondays. The accepted explanation is that because Monday is the first day ...

lizaclark95 on March 24, 2019

a vs b

Please explain

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Victoria on March 26, 2019

Hi @lizaclark95

This is an example of a strengthen question. Therefore, we are looking for an answer which most helps to explain why unemployed retirees are more likely to have a heart attack on Monday based on the information provided in the passage.

You have correctly identified that C through E are incorrect. Nice work!

As for the distinction between A and B, the key point to focus on in this question is that we are looking at "unemployed retirees." By specifying this subset of the population, retirees with part-time jobs are eliminated as they are employed.

A would, therefore, be the correct answer here because it provides a source of stress on Mondays for retirees who do not have jobs.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.