Editorial: A recent survey shows that 77 percent of people feel that crime is increasing and that 87 percent feel th...

JeremyG on March 26, 2019

Why is B a flawed answer choice?

I can understand why answer choice D best captures the flaw in the argument, but on what grounds can we eliminate answer choice B?

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Minerva on July 12, 2019

Yes, can someone explain why B is wrong?

Irina on July 12, 2019

@JeremyG This is a flaw question. The answer choice B is incorrect because the question focuses on survey respondents' perception of the crime rate and sentencing rather than the actual crime and sentencing statistics. The editor presumes that people are correct in their perceptions and bases his conclusion on that belief, but it is not necessary for him to assume that there is actual correlation between criminal offenders being treated leniently and a high crime rate to form this conclusion.