It can most reasonably be inferred that the author would agree with which one of the following statements?

Maroun on March 27, 2019


How is answer choice C not something the author would agree with that is inferred from the passage?

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Danielle on September 3, 2019

Can you please answer this question? It is legitimately from March....

Danielle on September 3, 2019

Can you please also explain why A is correct?

Irina on September 4, 2019

@Maroun & @dace,

The author is arguing for a new digital publishing model that will be lean and cost-effective, eliminating many of the overhead costs associated with traditional publishing. The author notes though that "it will be some time before a catalog of printable digitized books becomes large enough to justify investment in book printing machines in numerous sites" (lines 26-29), suggesting a limited retail market. Thus, we can infer that this model is likely to eventually supplant or at least rival traditional publishing (lines 23-25), but we cannot conclude that this innovation alone will go as far as to revitalize the book retail business.

(A) is a proper inference because the author argues that a new model will lead to authors requesting higher royalty payments that are more likely to be accommodated first by new digital-publishing firms. Under this competitive pressure, traditional publishers will have to [embrace the features of the new model] or else they will lose their authors (lines 47-51).

Let me know if you have any further questions.