It can be inferred from the passage that Dostoyevsky would most likely have agreed with which one of the following st...

Maroun on April 2, 2019

Please answer me

Can this be explained? Thanks

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Jacob-R on April 3, 2019

Hi @Maroun,

I’m happy to help. As always, let’s start with the question stem. We are looking for an answer that is a statement Dostoyevsky would most likely have agreed with. And we immediately get a narrow scope: about the “view held by some Russian critics that art should stand high above the present and everyday.”

Where do we see that view mentioned in the passage? Right off the bat, at lines 3-4. And then we get a description about Dostoevsky thought: a “third position. As a realist, he never doubted that reality was literature’s crucial source.” (Lines 9-11).

So which answer most closely describes that view? Answer C! It states, almost verbatim, that “reality must be the foundation of all literature.” And we know the “incorrect” part because of the passage’s description of Dostoevsky having a “third” (and thus different) position.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.