Union member: Some members of our labor union are calling for an immediate strike. But a strike would cut into our st...

Maroun on April 3, 2019

Please help

Hello, The union member's conclusion is that we must not strike now. So, why would answer E be incorrect? The member never said that we should never strike, the member only says that "we must not strike NOW".

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Ryan-Scirocco on October 7, 2019

I could also use help here. The emphasis on time in the passage and in answer choice E is misleading.

shunhe on December 28, 2019

Hi @Maroun and @Ryan-Scirocco,

The union member's conclusion that they not strike now is based on funding reasons and not based on reasons having to do with when the best opportunity to strike is. Thus, it's not a great criticism of the specific argument the union member is making that it fails to establish future opportunities to strike.

Remember that we aren't looking at these answer choices in vacuums. It might be possible to come up with a context where (E) is a valid criticism, but we need the criticism to which the argument is MOST vulnerable. Comparing (C) and (E), (C) more effectively exposes a vulnerability of the union member's particular argument. Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any further questions if anything is still confusing.