Two things are true of all immoral actions. First, if they are performed in public, they offend public sensibilities....

Steph on April 3, 2019

Please explain

Please explain why the correct answer is right and the others are wrong

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Crook on January 6, 2020

I am also confused on how to get to the correct answer and dismiss at least D and E. Thank you

Emil-Kunkin on March 30 at 01:15PM

We know that all immoral actions are accompanied by shame. Therefore it's impossible for any immoral action, whether private or public, not to be accompanied by shame. This means A cannot be true.

B could be true, we have no idea what actually makes them immoral.

C could be true, nothing in the passage rules it out.

D could be true, the passage tells us that all immoral actions have these two traits, not that everything with these two traits are immoral.

E could be true, for the same reason as d.