In the city of Glasgow, Scotland, trade doubled between 1750, when the first bank opened there, and 1765, when govern...

Stephanie on April 5, 2019

Please explain

Please explain this question.

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Kath on September 29, 2019

Could you explain why A is the correct answer choice? I thought that, because the industrialization in A happens in the early 18th century, its influence on the trade would starts at the beginning of the 18th century, at least before the 1750. Is, it might be irrelevant to the increase in trade between 1750-1765. Where am I wrong? Thank you so much!

Michael on April 28, 2021

Hello. I am not a tutor, but maybe my reasoning might help.

A is incorrect because it could account for the doubling of trade in the given time frame, even if it started in the early 1700s. I think the key word in this answer choice is "started", just because it started at this time, does not mean that its influence on trade also occurred around this time, maybe the trade increase only occurred as the technological revolution reached a certain threshold that occurred in the described time frame.