Editorialist: Some people argue that highway speed limits should be increased to reflect the actual average speeds o...

Steph on April 5, 2019


How is the answer B?

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Ravi on April 8, 2019


Happy to help.

(B) says, "Uniformity of speeds among vehicles is more important for
highway safety than is a low average highway speed."

(B) is the correct answer because it provides us with an explanation
that gives us a reason to think that that raising speed limits would
increase safety rather than decrease it. Increasing speed highway
speed limits would help bring the current drivers who are driving
under the speed limit up to the speed of current speeders, so overall
the highway will have a greater percentage of cars driving at uniform
speeds. Given what (B) says, we know this would make the highway

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!