In the passage, the author mentions or suggests all of the following EXCEPT

Stephanie on April 11, 2019

Why is D correct?

Hi, Where does the authorr mention answer choice E? And doesn't he mention D?

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Julie on August 26, 2019

When I looked back in the passage, I noticed that only the definition of trade is being used. I'm not too sure about where (E) is in the passage, so can an instructor weigh in and help us out? Thanks!

Jamieson on December 26, 2019

Last paragraph for E

Sheikh on June 11, 2021

Last paragraph is where E is located!

"Professing oneself a professional is an ethical act because it is not a silent and private act, but an articulated and public one because it promises continuing devotion to a way of life, not merely announces a present preference or a way to a livelihood; because it is an activity in service to some high good that insists on devotion; because it is difficult and demanding."