All the books in the library have their proper shelf locations recorded in the catalog. The book Horatio wants is mis...

JeremyG on April 15, 2019

Could you please explain why E is a better answer than B?

Could you please explain why E is a better answer than B? Thank you.

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JeremyG on April 15, 2019

Is it because the system in question refers to "the catalog" mentioned in the first sentence? And seeing as there is no evidence to support that the catalog was defective, the system has not failed, as B describes?

Ravi on April 16, 2019


Happy to help. You asked why (E) is correct and (B) is wrong, so let's
take a look.

(B) says, "A deficiency in a system is isolated by arguing that the
system failed to control one of the objects that it was intended to

The problem with (B) is that the stimulus does not appear to be making
the argument that the library's organization system is deficient or at
fault. Your line of thinking is correct.

(E) says, "The conclusion is supported by ruling out other possible
explanations of an observed fact."

The observed fact that (E) mentions is that the book Horatio wants
isn't in its place on the bookshelves. The argument rules out other
potential locations of the book to arrive at its conclusion, so this
is the correct answer choice.

Does this answer your question? Let us know if you have any other questions!

JeremyG on April 21, 2019

Yes, thank you!

Ravi on May 2, 2019

@JeremyG, great! Let us know if you have any other questions—we're here to help!