The phrase "scholarly monographs that sap the vitality of history" in passage A (lines 6—7) plays a role in that pass...

Hunter on April 17, 2019

Explanation request

I picked C, passed the correct answer, and wasn't suspicious at all. I want to know I understand why B is correct, as it took me some time to see it even when I reviewed! B is right because scholarly monographs is the subject of the sentence, said to sap the vitality of history. This is a description of the type of writing that author A dislikes. Conformity is a virtue, creativity suspect... describes the implied subject legal writing and what author B dislikes about it. C is wrong as author A never talks about teaching students HOW to write. Author B talks about teaching lawyers how to write. I thought there was some connection with professors using the same dull material they read as grad students, but I drew that conclusion by disregarding the actual phrase and looking to the rest of the sentence: they visit on students what was visited on them in graduate school. Great reminder for me to always respect the question stem. But I still should have remembered that author A wasn't talking about professors reading historiography, but students. I believe this is accurate, but if not or if I missed anything please let me know! I really appreciate the help!

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Jacob-R on April 18, 2019

Hi @Hunter,

I couldn't have said it better myself. Excellent job doing your own review and analysis of where you went wrong - that is the key to getting better. And thanks for sharing so that other students can see how it is done!