If both parks are planted with sycamores, which one of the following could be true?

Ryan on April 20 at 01:59AM


How did you deduce the options to two scenarios? I got one scenario that was G: S M (M/S/T) L: S _ _ Both parks have Sycamores. That was the question prompt. So that condition is satisfied. Rule 1: S&M must be present in at least one park. Satisfied by G. Rule 2: O -> T. Since there is no space for O in park G then it can only be M/S/T. Satisfied. Rule 3: M is in park G. Satisfied. So, how did you deduce that there were two scenarios? I only got one scenario with multiple options. Please explain. Ty.

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Ryan on April 20 at 02:03AM

Also, no where does it say in the question that all 4 variables need to be used or that they only appear once. all it says is that 4 trees are available.