Which one of the following partners cannot have the third highest salary?

Sonny on April 20 at 01:41PM


Why couldn't nassar be the answer too?

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Richard on April 25 at 12:50PM

KLNIFMGJH is a possible ordering (assume everyone's salaries are different). The first rule says that K's salary is higher than Inman's and Lopez's, but it doesn't say that K > I > L, so L could be greater than I, and N – only bound by L's salary – could also be greater than I. This allows N to be third.

Ravi on April 25 at 05:44PM


Great question. Nassar isn't also the correct answer because he CAN go
into the 3rd spot. The only spots Nasser can't go in are 1 (because of
K) and 2 (because L must go before N). However, nothing is preventing
Nassar from going into 3.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions!