Politician: We should impose a tariff on imported fruit to make it cost consumers more than domestic fruit. Otherwis...

James on April 21, 2019

Question type

Would this be classified as a main point?

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Katherine on May 1, 2019

Hi @jamesteemartin,

This is not a main point question. Instead, the question asks you to identify the principle with which the politician’s recommendation conforms. In other words, what is the larger principle that would guide the politician into making the recommendation he made.

A principle will be more general than the specific circumstances of the passage. It should be able to be applied to various different situations. By contrast, the main point of the passage will still be directly related to the facts of the passage at hand.

I hope this is helpful! Reach out with other questions!

Olivia on April 17, 2020

Why is C better than D?

Julianna on June 16, 2020

^^^^I have the same question as Olivia from April 17th.

Why is C better than D?

Gina on June 25, 2020

Also wondering why C is better than D.