Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

Brittany-Edwards on April 23, 2019

Sue - X is a girl

General question - does the LSAT usually state false premises?

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Ravi on May 1, 2019

@Brittany-Edwards, great question. The LSAT almost never states false premises. It's best to assume the premises you're reading are true.

idkwhatimdoing on May 10, 2019

hi. thank you for answering her question. ive been waiting for a while for my questions to be answered. is it going to be answered? if not can you let me know so i can stop waiting. thank you.

Ravi on May 11, 2019

@idkwhatimdoing, hey there. Yes, we're answering as many questions as possible. Which ones are you referring to? It might help to bump your thread by putting comments in the questions you've posted so that they appear at the top of our feeds. Sometimes if there are a ton of questions at once, questions can get buried underneath the other ones. If you bump the threads, it'll help a lot.

idkwhatimdoing on May 13, 2019

hi. im "idkwhatimdoing". i sent another message reminding you guys to respond. are my questions unclear? Maybe thats the reason no one is responding.

Ravi on May 13, 2019

@idkwhatimdoing, I saw one of your questions was just answered by Victoria. Are there others? If so, please bump those too so that we can see them easily.