Which one of the following most accurately and completely summarizes the passage?

JeremyG on April 26, 2019

C over E?

I spent a while deciding between C and E and eventually changed my answer from C to E. I decided to go with E on the basis of lines 11-12: "Reaction to this phenomenon within WESTERN ANTHROPOLOGICAL CIRCLES is sharply divided." E's verbiage references "anthropological circles" while C's verbiage only references "anthropologists." Seeing as that is irrelevant in the minds of LSAC, how else can we know that C is a better answer than E? Possibly, E's being anchored around the Kayapo people makes it too narrow to completely summarize the passage?

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Ravi on April 26, 2019


Great question. Let's take a look. The question says, "Which one of
the following most accurately and completely summarizes the passage?"

(E) says, "The Kayapo people’s use of video technology validates the
position of one faction in the debate in anthropological circles
regarding the effect of the proliferation of Western video technology
on indigenous cultures."

The issue with (E) is that it only provides us with a summary of the
fourth paragraph of the passage, rather than the entire passage (which
is what we need). Additionally, (E) also does not even summarize the
entire fourth paragraph accurately, as Turner's study of the Kayapo
people only lends credence to Ginsburg's position, but it does not
validate her position or prove that she is right. Thus, (E) does not
capture the main point of the whole passage, as it's far too focused
on the fourth paragraph. We can get rid of this choice.

(C) says, "Anthropologists are divided in their assessments of the
impact of video technology on indigenous peoples, but there is some
evidence that video technology is compatible with the preservation of
indigenous cultures."

As noted above, the question we're being asked is basically asking us
to identify the main point of the passage. It's important to note that
the answer we choose must provide us with a strong overall summary of
the entire passage, not just one particular part. In reading the
passage, we know that its focus is that anthropologists have differing
opinions about the phenomenon of indigenous cultures videotaping their
own lives (lines 11-12), but that there's exists some evidence
(Turner's examination of the Kayapo videotapes) that video technology
is not at odds with the preservation of indigenous culture (lines
44-47). (C) provides us with a summary that matches this, so it's the
correct answer choice.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any more questions!

JeremyG on April 27, 2019

Got it, thank you.

Ravi on May 1, 2019

@JeremyG, happy to help!