By referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as "purely programmatic" (line 49) in nature, the author mo...

Cal on May 2, 2019

Strengthen With Sufficient Premise

Could A --> C also be the missing premise? I understand how B--> C Works as: P: A exists P: A --> B P: B --> C C: C exists and can be shown as: AA A BBBB Or simply B CCCC C But so could: P: A exists P: A --> B P: A --> C C: C exists (because A exists and is necessary), because not every premise has to build off of another one, they can be independent correct? A A B B B B C C C C C

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Ravi on May 2, 2019

@Cal, thanks for your question. Could you reference the exact question you're asking about in the unit? I'm not quite understanding the stuff you've written, so if you could provide the question you're referring to (for instance, 'Example 1'), that'd be great. Thanks!