Ethicist:  On average, animals raised on grain must be fed sixteen pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat. A po...

anam2020 on May 2, 2019

Why is E incorrect?

I chose E, which was incorrect. Is it because what nutritionists' have to say is irrelevant?

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kokolyia on May 18, 2019

I have the same question. Why would the fact that some farmland can only support animal farming weaken the moral argument for eating meat? I also got E

kokolyia on May 18, 2019

I chose E as well

Emil-Kunkin on September 19, 2022

I would argue against E on the grounds that morally permissible and good for human health are not the same thing. This is an argument about what is moral, not what is healthy. Furthermore, the author is not arguing for only eating grain- there are other options between grain and meat, like veg, dairy, and legumes